Question is, do you have hair to pull out?

So you’re just recovering from PTS following the Ionic 3 to Ionic 4 update and now you’re too careful to saunter into Ionic 5 with boldness and confidence. Well fear not, this time ‘round it’s a breeze as promised by the faithful team at Ionic. That is — if you don’t overcomplicate things.

Let me elaborate, in my initial pursuit to update, I jumped a particular project from Angular 7 to Angular 9 (Ivy) along with updating from Ionic 4 to Ionic 5. The leap-frog Angular jump caused many component compilation issues and obscure error messages that hadn’t been widely…

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For over a decade now Wordpress has had plugins that assist you in removing the admin bar from the top of your website, when logged in. As a developer you may want to take a step back and thumb-view your site to ensure everything is built correctly, and then here’s this overlapping black bar stopping you from seeing the fixed navigation.

So you download a plugin to do it, except it doesn’t do anything, then you find another plugin… and another… and another… and for some reason they never work? …

So you’re an app developer and you’ve just made an app that provides your users with some point to point driving instructions, you submit the app to the store and you hit a stumbling block. No routing app coverage file provided.

You must upload a routing app coverage file in App Store Connect if you register as a routing app.

Basically, Apple needs to know how to zone your app, how to restrict its lookup to a certain area of influence.

A great resource for all things map JSON related is so the first step is to go…

(This article was written for Ionic 3, not 4)

So admittedly the title is a tiny bit of clickbait; however, the reason why people often search this exact phrase is because of the overly subtle gray loader/spinner icon and the fact that it is centered horizontally and vertically on your given splash screen, in Ionic. This can often lead to it being lost amongst your artwork and not adequately convey that background processing is occurring.

Thankfully there are plenty of tutorials out there that show you how to make a mock splash screen. This will help you make your own…

Our friend the pipe. Photo by Mike Throm

Due to the fact that Ionic is a framework built atop AngularJS, like me, there may be some of you that are familiar with filters in VueJS. So to assist someone who is familiar with filters and would like to use some good old pipe-induced handlebars on-the-fly adjustments, here’s how you do it in Ionic.

First, you need to generate a Pipe. Filters are called Pipes in Ionic.
You do so with the convenient command ionic generate pipe (name)

Photo by Micah Williams

I’m quite new to the local development scene when it comes to Shopify templates, I’m aware that there was something in the past called Theme Kit and that currently Slate is the new kid on the block. Kudos to Shopify for thinking of us developers. Two things that I bumped my head on, that may assist others:

  1. ) Localhost SSL, no mixed content issues and browsersync updates automatic on saves.
  2. ) Lots of people seem to be getting stuck at the “Log in” point once they do get a local environment up.

So let’s address both of these issues and…

Laravel Forge is a DevOps solution provided by Taylor Otwell and the wider team to make server management a joy, rather than a terminal grind but then you knew that, that’s why you’re here!

We’re going to skip right ahead and make the assumption you’ve set up a new server and a new app within it and all is well with your Wordpress ecosystem, the site is running and you’re using it. …

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Software Engineer in Perth, Western Australia.

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